The practice of medicine grows ever-more complex. Physicians and providers are held to higher and higher standards, whether they be metrics set by insurance companies or reputations set by Yelp. Traditional medical school education has not prepared physicians for this changing landscape of our profession. 

Having worked as both a clinician and coach, Penelope has the unique perspective of having survived one career by using the other. Her trademark program, Prescription for Change, was specifically designed for all the players in the healthcare field-administrators, clinicians and students. The coach approach to medicine  is one that prevents burnout, increases patient and worker satisfaction, and improves the quality of care our healthcare system can deliver. 

An introduction to my unique program designed to improve the practice of medicine, and the goal of healing patients and physicians alike. 

Very Interactive, loved the energy and interaction, loved learning about resiliency tools, one of the best sessions we’ve had.
— AL, MD, University of Arizona