As you navigate your career or further your education, it’s easy to get overrun by the myriad of deadlines, projects and timelines. You don’t find the satisfaction that you thought you would from your job or education. Joy seems to be an occasional endeavor, rather than a daily practice.  Your image of yourself, your relationships, your place in life becomes questioned and unfulfilled.

Having suffered for years in the quagmire of unfulfilling jobs and knowing that she was meant for more, Penelope has been on her own journey to create an authentic life for herself. She knows firsthand the lows of being stuck and the highs of finally finding freedom and purpose. If you are feeling stuck in a place that you never thought you would be in, or yearn for more, partner with someone who has been there and has lived to tell about it. Together, we will move you towards joy, fulfillment, purpose and passion.  

“Penelope’s kind and nonjudgmental approach has allowed me to be open to a different way of living life. She is serving as a guide on my journey to finding my genuine self and living happily with fulfillment. She has been able to provide the sort of clarity that only a personal coach can offer. I cannot wait to see what challenges I will come across around the bend because I know I have my coach in my corner cheering me on!”
-Annie H.