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Are you a physician struggling with burnout? A physician in training trying to avoid burnout before you begin your career? A healthcare administrator trying to find solutions for your staff? 


Are you an Asian American torn between honoring your family’s dream for you and your own dreams? Have you stifled yourself to fit into everyone else’s boxes? Do you struggle with honoring your voice?


Do you feel like you are meant for more than what you are doing currently? Do you find yourself working but wondering what you’re working so hard for? Are you trapped in bad patterns, unable to figure out why or how to change course?

The practice of medicine grows ever-more complex. Physicians and providers are held to higher and higher standards, whether they be metrics set by insurance companies or reputations set by Yelp. Traditional medical school education has not prepared physicians for this changing landscape of our profession. 

Having worked as both a clinician and coach, Penelope has the unique perspective of having survived one career by using the other. Her trademark program, Prescription for Change, was specifically designed for all the players in the healthcare field-administrators, clinicians and students. The coach approach to medicine  is one that prevents burnout, increases patient and worker satisfaction, and improves the quality of care our healthcare system can deliver. 

An introduction to my unique program designed to improve the practice of medicine, and the goal of healing patients and physicians alike. 

Very Interactive, loved the energy and interaction, loved learning about resiliency tools, one of the best sessions we’ve had.
— AL, MD, University of Arizona

Asian American Coaching

Dr. Penelope Hsu at the University of Oklahoma

Dr. Penelope Hsu at the University of Oklahoma

Being a young Asian American is tough. We are bred with a deep sense of duty to our family, a sense that we have to do something honorable to make the sacrifices of our family worth it. And what if we have our own aspirations that don’t align with what our family’s expectations? What if the messaging we’ve been ingrained with actually becomes a burden, limiting our mindset, our options, our life?

As a 1st generation immigrant herself, Penelope has survived the trials and tribulations of accommodating her parents’ wishes and pursuing her own passions. Since carving out her unique path of performing, healing, and coaching, Penelope uses her insights and experience to help young Asian Americans navigate the challenges of being true to themselves while still honoring their family.

“ When I first started working with Penelope, I felt overwhelmed juggling professional and personal obligations. Since then, I feel better equipped to manage everything on my plate and still practice self-care. Penelope gave me the tools to build my inner resources so that I was able to think clearly about my future. I am grateful for the experience I had with Penelope and I would recommend her without any hesitation. “
-Minerva I.

As you navigate your career or further your education, it’s easy to get overrun by the myriad of deadlines, projects and timelines. You don’t find the satisfaction that you thought you would from your job or education. Joy seems to be an occasional endeavor, rather than a daily practice.  Your image of yourself, your relationships, your place in life becomes questioned and unfulfilled.

Having suffered for years in the quagmire of unfulfilling jobs and knowing that she was meant for more, Penelope has been on her own journey to create an authentic life for herself. She knows firsthand the lows of being stuck and the highs of finally finding freedom and purpose. If you are feeling stuck in a place that you never thought you would be in, or yearn for more, partner with someone who has been there and has lived to tell about it. Together, we will move you towards joy, fulfillment, purpose and passion.  

“Penelope’s kind and nonjudgmental approach has allowed me to be open to a different way of living life. She is serving as a guide on my journey to finding my genuine self and living happily with fulfillment. She has been able to provide the sort of clarity that only a personal coach can offer. I cannot wait to see what challenges I will come across around the bend because I know I have my coach in my corner cheering me on!”
-Annie H.

Coaching helps refocus and rebalance the many demands and responsibilities that can deplete your energy. Working with a coach brings structure, accountability, and clarity to your life. A deep exploration of your values as well as an examination of how well you are living out these values can be eye opening and life-correcting.

Using the Energy Leadership Model as well as her unique pediatric longitudinal perspective, Penelope aligns with her clients to explore all the obstacles hindering them from living a fulfilled passion and purpose filled life.   


Coaching will help you:

Communicate honestly without fear

Move towards your biggest dreams with passion

Execute achievable goals with accountability and support

Unlock the obstacles that hold you back in your life