Below are some clips of Dr Penelope Hsu conducting her workshops and discussing her approach to self-care and wellness.

Crushing The Myth - Asian American Speaker Series

Crushing The Myth - Asian American Speaker Series


Speaking Engagement:

Crushing The Myth - Asian American Speaker Series February 16, 2019

Penelope spoke at the inaugural event for Crushing The Myth - Asian American Speaker Series in NYC. She, along with other speakers, addressed issues around specific myths and cultural expectations that broadly effect the community. She walked the audience down part of the dark and difficult path that she has taken herself to achieve good mental health. Then she told how she uses her training and and experience as a physician, professional actor, and life and leadership coach to help all people to achieve balance and passion in their personal and professional lives.


podcast appearance:

The Nobody Guide to Life Dec 6, 2018

Penelope talks in earnest about the magic of finding her “AND” and how learning how to blend all the facets of her life has led to happiness and peace. She also discusses some practical tips for people starting on their journey of discovering what their “AND” could look like, including the magic of morning pages and getting your win, one baby step at a time.


Podcast appearance:

The School of Connection with Rana Olk Oct 3, 2018.

Dr Hsu discusses the need for health care providers to be in tune with more than just the data of their patients. She explores the benefits of coaching in her own life and that of her patients.

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Radio Show appearance

Coach Chat with Laurie Lawson and Bernie Siegel April 19, 2018

Dr Hsu chats with fellow coaches Laurie Lawson and Bernie Siegel about the unique path she has forged for herself-incorporating medicine, acting, and coaching. Her own struggles to be authentic and balanced have led her to help others find clarity and purpose in their own lives.



The Coaching Game with Laurie Lawson January 16 2018