Motown Philly, here I come! Bringing Stress Management Skills and Energy Leadership

I’m so excited to be heading to Philadelphia today for a series of workshops for program coordinators and residents at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. I’ll be discussing the Energy Leadership (TM) model for the program coordinators, giving them tools to lead any interaction or situation they find themselves in. I’ll also be delivering my signature stress management talk, LIFE HACKS, to give the uber-busy residents some quick and easy stress management tools, most in under a minute, that they can use to keep themselves sane, balanced, and actually happy, in the midst of the whirlwind that is residency. Pics below are from my last trip to Jefferson in Sept 2018, discussing the importance of living by your values. So grateful for the opportunity to bring my message of practical burnout prevention to our healthcare providers!

Will post more from this trip when I’m back!!


Penelope Hsu's "Crushing The Myth" - Asian American Speaker Series February 2019 Presentation [VIDEO]

I was more than happy to be part of the inaugural edition of the multi-city, Asian American speaker series “Crushing The Myth” earlier this month at The Cutting Room in New York City. My talk was one of 10 in the day long meeting that covered a broad range of subjects surrounding the myths harbored by and about Asian Americans, such as being the “Model Minority”, dating while Asian, and the “Impostor Syndrome”.

I was invited by the group to speak on the topic of “Achieving Mental Health in Asian America”, and I decided to make it personal. I shared part of my own dark and difficult path that I’ve had to to achieve good mental health. I also talked a bit about how I now use my training and and experience as a physician, professional actor, and life and leadership coach to help all people achieve balance and passion in their personal and professional lives.

If, after watching this talk, you find yourself wanting to see if coaching is the correct next step for you and could help, you can click here to book a complimentary 45 minute discovery session with me at one of the available times listed:

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I look forward to doing more presentations and letting the world know that it can achieve its AND also.